Edmonds President of Connecticut Firemen’s Association

Edmonds President of Connecticut Firemen’s Association

Cabin N. Edmonds, Deputy Chief of the New London, Conn., Fire Department, was unanimously elected President of the Connecticut State Firemen’s Association, at the fiftysecond annual convention held August 23 and 24, at Plainfield. Deputy Chief Edmonds succeeds John H. Griffin of


Captain Eugene J. Mulligan, of New Haven, was chosen Vice-President with out opposition. David W. Harford, of South Norwalk, was elected to his sixteenth successive term as Secretary and Deputy Chief Michael T. Souney, of New Britain, was renamed Treasurer. Rev. Michael J. Thompson, of West Haven, was reelected as State Chaplain of the association

Calvin N. Edmonds

The Fire Chiefs’ Club of Connecticut, which meets annually with the association convention, elected the following officers for the coming year:

President, Henry R. Taft, of Norwich; First Vice-President, Michael W. Lawton, of Middletown; Second VicePresident, George B. Milne, of Rockville, and SecretaryTreasurer, David W. Mercer, of New Haven.

Lieut. Governor Frank Hayes, of Waterbury, guest of honor at the convention, lauded the fireman’s service to his community during his address to the delegates.

“The profession of fire fighting is one in which there are real men.” said Lieut. Gov. Hayes. “No branch of public service either in this country or abroad is as important as fire fighting and architects and lawmakers are daily becoming acquainted with what should be done to lessen the loss from fire by designing better made buildings and creating laws which will safeguard our people.”

Mr. Hayes praised the volunteer fireman who “gets nothing for his labor, but is always ready when needed by his community.” ,,

Women may serve as volunteer firemen in Connecticut it they wish, but as far as the association is concerned, only at their own risk. David W. Harford, Secretary, reported to the convention that there are women in Westport who are members of the volunteer fire company there. What’s more, Harford told the delegates, these women would be eligible to benefits from the association if they were injured in the line of duty. By unanimous vote the delegates promptly amended the by-laws to restrict its benefits to male members. The women referred to were members of the Pioneer Hook and Ladder Company at Westport.

The delegates referred to the Legislative Committee the subject of obtaining exemption from taxes for property owned by volunteer fire companies. The association voted to hold the 1936 convention at Greenwich.

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