Effective Fire Prevention Measures

Effective Fire Prevention Measures

The office of the fire marshal of South Dakota, has received frequent requests for material to be used in fire prevention campaigns. In the opinion of the fire marshal, the most effective means is the use of information cards that are posted conspicuously in public places. A number of the towns have adopted this method of informing the public of the regulations governing the fire department, of the most common causes of fire, and some of the methods to be used.

The cards on which this data is printed should be of adequate size to contain the information in readable size type. A red card should be used or a white card with the message printed in red. The telephone number of the volunteer department should lie printed in iarge type at the top of the card, and the number should be made common and well known to everybody in town including the school children.

Following this the ward signals should be given and the wards designated. Many valuable suggestions could be printed and in this way not only efficiency in giving a fire alarm would be effected but it would bring carelessness squarely before the public and no doubt would reduce at least a part of the careless fires. People read such literature and especially the children and younger generation. It is interesting to them and educational for all.

The following is a sampla of what should he printed on the cards:

To turn in a fire alarm Call No………. give your name and location of fire.

All firemen will report to fire station when hearing the alarm. No one will be permitted to ring Central when fire alarm is being given except active firemen, their wives and fire officials, except in emergencies such as sickness or accident.

The city is divided into four wards, first ward being the northeast part of town which is indicated by one blast. The second ward the northwest part indicated by two blasts and repeat. The third ward the southeast part indicated by three blasts. The fourth ward the southwest, indicated by four blasts.

The fire alarm is a siren system and sufficient time must elapse to allow the sound to die down before ward signals can be indicated.

Do not drive in front of fire apparatus. When alarm is sounded pull to curb and remain there five minutes, or until all apparatus has gone past.

Do not drive over hose or park near a hydrant.

Do not park in front of a theater or any public place of amusement.

Keep out of the firemen’s road. If your help is needed, you will be asked to assist.

See that your chimneys are in good condition and thei brackets have not beconto loose and allowed the chimney to settle and leave an open place for sparks to get out.

See that metal stops are placed in unused openings in chimney before papering over same, or when not in use.

See that weeds and litter do not accumulate close to yoqr buildings.

Empty ashes in the open and wet them down before dark. Keep them in metal containers when inside your homo or place oi business.

Use gasoline for what it is intended for and never in a closed building to clean fabrics.

Never uso kerosene to start fires with unless poured from an open vessel and onto a flame. It is sure to form gas and cause att explosion, and is dangerous in any event

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