Eight-Year-Old Starts $250,000 Fire

Eight-Year-Old Starts $250,000 Fire

An eight-year-old boy was blamed by officials for starting a $250,000 fire at New Milford, Conn., on February 16, 1948.

The fire destroyed the interior and left only brick walls standing of the H. H. Allen Buildings, on Main St., in New Milford, and brought injuries to three firemen.

The boy, alone in the building, said he was playing with matches, and when one burned his fingers he dropped it into a pile of papers. He tried to put the blaze out and then ran home remaining there.

The fire was discovered at 6:40 P.M., a few minutes later, and raged out of control for more than five hours. The fire was finally brought under control by three pieces of apparatus of the New Milford Volunteer Fire Department and one truck each from the Washington, New Preston, and Gaylordsville Volunteer Fire Companies. — FLETCHER E. COOPER [Our youngest correspondent, age 14.—EDITOR].

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