Eighty Years Young!

Eighty Years Young!

As we begin our 80th year of publishing FIRE ENGINEERING, we cannot help but measure its progress through the years with that of the fire service in the vast and intricate business of fire protection and prevention.

It is gratifying to note that during those 80 busy years, FIRE ENGINEERING has not only recorded the forward progress in fire fighting, but has played a stellar role in that dramatic progress. Actually, it has pioneered and promoted every new idea, policy and product that would make lor more efficient fire suppression and that would make the job of tlie fire fighter safer, more secure and more productive.

That this publishing policy which has endured for generations is sound, is indicated by the accounting of FIRE ENGINEERING’S progress in readership — the number and importance of its readerclientele; by its advertisers, and the consistency with which they employ this journal to tell the story year after year of their products and policies to that reader family.

To those readers and advertisers who have marked and sparked the progress of this journal through the years, our deep gratitude and our promise that notwithstanding FIRE ENGINEERING’S ripe old age, there will be no lessening in the vitality and vigor of its publishing policies. Just the reverse, in fact. During 1957 and in the years ahead, FIRE ENGINEERING will continue to merit to fullest degree, the slogan that has appeared on its masthead for generations: “The Journal of the Fire Protection Profession since 1877.”

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