Election of Secretary

Election of Secretary

President Magee.—The next business is that of the election of a secretary. What is the pleasure of the convention?

A Voice.—I do not think it necessary to take up the time of the convention even to make a nomination for the office of secretary. Secretary McFall, of Roanoke, Va., has made such an efficient and painstaking officer that I am sure not one member would consider a change. (Applause and cries of “That’s right.”)

Chief Bovd. of Knoxville, Tenn.—I agree most heartily with what the gentleman has said, and therefore nominate Chief McFall. of Roanoke, Va., for re-eleetion to the office of secretary for the ensuing year.

Chief Maxson, of Gloversville, N. Y.—I move that the treasurer cast the vote of this association for Jim McFall for the office of secretary. (The motion was unanimously carried.)

Treasurer Knofflock. of Mansfield, O.—Mr. President and gentlemen: I now, with very great pleasure, cast the ballot of this association for lames McFall for re-election to the office of secretary of the International Association of Fire Engineers.

President Magee.—I declare Chief McFall duly re-elected to the office of secretary for the ensuing year.

Secretary McFall.—Mr. President and gentlemen: I would be a little less than human if I did not appreciate your action, and I do. I thank you.

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