Electricians’ Association Changes Name

Electricians’ Association Changes Name

At the annual convention of the International Municipal Electricians’ Association, held at Richmond, Va., October 14 to 16, it was voted to chage the name of the group to the National Municipal Signal Association.

The association was formed forty years ago by the fire alarm superintendents. The constitution adopted at that time did not permit chapter activities or sectional meetings. Under a new constitution, which has been adopted, local chapters may be formed.

The forty-first annual convention will be held at New York City, during August, 1936. C. E. Van Fleet, Chairman of the Convention Committee, believes that it will be the largest convention in the history of the association.

The new offeers are Herbert A. Friede, Superintendent of Fire Alarms, Washington, D. C., President; A, L. Pierce, Wallingford, Conn., First Vice-President; Everett Zeh, Schenectady, N. Y., Second Vice-President; E. L. Layne, Denver, Col.. Third Vice-President. The other members of the National Board of Directors arc Joseph Dempsey. Long Branch, N. J., C. E. Van Fleet, Mt. Vernon, N. Y.; C. S. Downs, Treasurer, Altoona, Pa., and W. H. Harth, Secretary, Columbia, S. C.

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