Ohio Water Department Abandons All Steam Driven Equipment After Heavy Loss by Fire —Other Important Fire and Water News

LOUDONVILLE, OHIO, has recently abandoned all its steam-driven pumping equipment. A new 250-gal. g. p. m. De Laval centrifugal pump driven by a 30 H. P. electric motor has been installed. Another 250-gal. p. m. De Laval centrifugal pump, driven by a Stearns automobile type engine, is now being installed. Recently the town suffered a $300,000 fire loss, when a flour mill and elevator were destroyed.

Crooksville, Ohio, has recently installed a small triple combination pumper, a Ford one-ton chassis carrying a small pump, two 35-gallon chemical tanks and a hose body.

Camden, Ohio, has recently installed a combination chemical and hose car, there being two 35-gallon tanks mounted on a Ford ton truck chassis.

Spencerville, Ohio, has just received a new Waterous triple combination, carrying a 300-gal. p. m. pump, a 60-gallon booster tank and a hose body. This pumper passed the Underwriters test very satisfactorily.

There is a wide field in Ohio for reliable fire pumping equipment with capacities of 300 to 400 g.p.m. This equipment should have motors of ample horsepower and extra heavy chassis frames.

Rockford, Ohio, has started work on several changes at its pumping station. This will include the drilling of a new 12-inch well, the abandonment of all present steam equipment, and the installation of new pumping machinery driven by internal combustion engines. An oil well in the pumping station yard will furnish the power.

Prospect, Ohio, has recently mounted its Howe pumping engine complete with gasoline motor, on a Ford one-ton truck chassis.

Richwood, Ohio, has recently made a considerable change in its piece of reserve pumping apparatus. This was a third size Sil’by steamer with rotary pump. The boiler and engine were removed and replaced by a second hand six cylinder Buick automobile engine complete with transmission. On test this outfit was able to deliver 250 g.p.m. at 120 lbs. engine pressure. The apparatus must of course be hand drawn or towed.

The citizens of New Concord, Ohio, have approved a bond issue for the development of a more satisfactory water supply, and for the construction of a filter plant. This was done after pressure had been brought to bear by the State Board of Health, the present supply being from an open ditch, which is mostly of surface drainage from surrounding farms. At the same time, it is contemplated to replace the present wooden mains, which have never given satisfaction and which have been largely responsible for the fact that the present system has never been given much credit by the insurance companies.

The State Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, is making an appraisal of the Marion Water Company as a preliminary step toward a new franchise, the present one expiring shortly.

Kent, Ohio, water system has recently come under municipal control and many changes are to be carried to completion soon. These will include the drilling of three 10-inch wells, a raw water storage basin, new filters, a new electrically driven pump, and the placing of several miles of additional mains, and about 35 new hydrants, as many residents of the city are not supplied with water or fire protection at present.

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