Elephants Form Fire Brigade

Elephants Form Fire Brigade

Some one has estimated that elephants drink about twelve gallons of water at a time. With this in mind, continue on with the story.

Travancore, a section near Bangkok, India, is still talking of how a herd of wild elephants organized themselves into a fire brigade and extinguished a fire that threatened to develop into a large size forest fire.

During a gale a large tree was uprooted and fell across the main trunk road in Travancore State, near Theorm Custom House. Some laborers who had been sent to clear away the debris set the tree on fire so as to lessen their work. When night came they returned to the Custom House, leaving the tree still burning with its sparks constantly being blown into the dry forest. The fire was gaining headway there when the leader of a herd of wild elephants smelled the fire and came to the road in order to satisfy his curiosity. The rest of the story as told in Bangkok is:

“The moment he saw the fire spreading to the forest he called his followers by loud trumpeting and within a few moments a well-disciplined band of dusky four-footed firemen were busilyemployed with their trunks as hose turning forty streams of water on the blazing tree and burning woods.

“A running stream near-by was a sufficient reservoir for them to draw their supply of water, and very soon, to the amazement of the wonder-struck laborers, who had been attracted by the trumpeting to the place where they should have been working, the fire was put out and, perhaps as a matter of revenge, the elephants dragged the fallen tree into the middle of the road and left it there.”

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