Elkhart Brass launches two new nozzle lines at FDIC 2008

Elkhart Brass Mfg. Co., Inc introduced two new nozzles at FDIC 2008 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Solid StrikeTM nozzle delivers a high GPM, penetrating stream like a traditional smooth bore tip, but offers the enhanced versatility of variable GPM and/or reach. The patent-pending design allows a variable gallonage water stream without shutting down.

The Flex AttackTM Compressed Air Foam nozzle gives the user the option to switch between wet foam, dry foam, or water only without shutting down. This three-in-one nozzle is designed to offer complete CAF-to-water adaptability in a handline nozzle via a patent-pending pressure balancing chamber and variable smooth bore.

More info: www.elkhartbrass.com

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