Elkhart Brass taps Ron Briggs as Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Manager

Elkhart Brass is pleased to announce Ron Briggs has accepted the position of Regional Sales Manager for our Mid-Atlantic Territory Region, which includes: West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and the metro D.C. area.

Ron has served as a Sales Manager and a Regional Sales Manager in a variety commercial settings for over 20 years. Additionally, Ron is a certified Firefighter; for five years he has been an active member of his local volunteer department in Pennsylvania.

Elkhart Brass is proud Ron has chosen to join our team as we continue to grow to better serve our customers. We strongly believe Ron’s commitment to excellence in customer service and proven record of sales leadership will benefit future growth and development of the Mid-Atlantic Territory.

Contact Information:
Ron Briggs
Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Manager
Elkhart Brass Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Elkhart Office (800) 346-0250 Ext. 415
Cell (215) 280-5970

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