Elkhart Brass, Waterous Worldwide collaborate on new CAFS product

Elkhart Brass Mfg. Co., Inc, in partnership with Waterous Worldwide, is proud to announce the new Intelligent CAF Selector (ICS) for Unibody electric valves, a valve discharge controller which brings CAFS functionality to a whole new level.

With the ICS, firefighters have a single control point for the discharge–no additional switches, controls or gauges needed. Both valve position and pressure are clearly displayed on the controller. A “CAF ON” button activates the CAF discharge air valve and precisely gates the water valve. A second button, “CAF SELECT,” toggles between three user selectable air-foam solution ratios with clear language description of the selected mode.

“In nearly every situation in which multiple CAF discharges are employed, the ability to control the air-to-solution ratio independently at each discharge is mandatory for effective foam,” stated Don Sjolin, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Development for Elkhart Brass. “With an ICS-equipped Waterous CAF system, producing CAF is extremely simple yet the operator retains the flexibility to produce the right foam at each discharge.”

The ICS was designed specifically for Waterous CAF systems used in conjunction with Unibody electric valves. Geary Roberts, President – Waterous Arizona Operations, noted, “Waterous is always committed to creating products which maximize operational efficiencies for fire scene personnel. Since Elkhart shares our customer-oriented focus, working together on the ICS presented the ideal opportunity for us to combine our strengths into a unique CAFS product.”

More Elkhart: www.elkhartbrass.com

More Waterous: www.waterousco.com/index_US.html

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