Elmira Firemen Aid Crash Victims

Elmira Firemen Aid Crash Victims

Chief John Espey and members of the Elmira, N. Y., Fire Department rushed to give possible aid when a covered wooden walk adjoining a building excavation crashed and buried many pedestrians in the pit. One little girl was killed and twenty persons were injured.

Engine Co. 1 and Truck Companies 1 and 2 responded to the general alarm that was sent out. When the men arrived about a dozen laborers and a few pedestrians were trying to free the bodies of some of the victims. According to accounts, Chief Espey was the coolest of all the rescue workers.

Elmira Firemen Assisting in Rescue of Persons Injured in Building Crash

It is believed that the accident was caused because of large bundles of steel reenforcing rods that were placed on the roof of the walk.

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