Elyria Has New Million Dollar Water Works

Elyria Has New Million Dollar Water Works

A new water works plant, valued at $1,000,000, is now in full operation in Elyria, Ohio, according to Service Director Henry Beck, of that city. Mr. Beck in referring to the new plant said: “The entire apparatus now used is that

installed for the new plant. Thus far everything has worked wonderfully well. We have automatic stokers and they are a great help. The boilers are so constructed that there is scarcely any smoke coming from the stacks, the boilers consuming the smoke as well as the coal.”

A new Worthington high-duty pump was put in full operation on December 1 and is now pumping water from the station on the lake to the city. The pump had been tested out for a few hours on previous occasions, and has now been adjusted properly for the work required. It has a capacity of 8,000,000 gallons a day, and is capable of looking alter the needs of this city for years to come. The new filter basins have also been put into operation During the week of November 27, they have been filled and emptied several times in order to free them from any taint from cement that might otherwise be noticeable, and they are now doing regular duty.

38-inch main has been laid from the plant to the Penfield junction. Connections have been made at stated intervals with the old pipe, and cutoffs installed. In case there should he a break between Pen-field junction and the pumping station the section can be shut off until repairs are made without interrupting the service to this city. Director Beck also states that a mile and a half more ot 38-inch pipe will be laid from the junction to the half way house on Lake Avenue during the coming spring.

coming spring. There are the two high lift pumps from the old plant to be moved to the new plant, and when they are installed there will be three pumps ready for operation at any time. I he entire plant has been built in duplicate, so that if one part breaks down there is another unit ready to take up the work.

the work. During the coming year the old plant will be wrecked and the building removed. Mr. Beck stated that at present experts are testing the new plant as to its efficiency and economy of operation.

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