Embattled Boston Fire Chief Resigns

Boston (MA) Chief of Department Steve E. Abraira has resigned as fire chief effective Friday June 7, 2013.

Chief Abraira was appointed to the department on December 5,2011. The Boston Fire Department tweeted today that Fire Commissioner Roderick Fraser has appointed Chief of Operations John Hasson, a 40-year veteran, as the acting Chief of Department.

Abraira is involved in a contentious dispute with Boston command staff over his handling of the Boston Marathon Bombings. In a letter, deputy chiefs alleged Abraira failed to demonstrate leadership during the response and take command at the scene. Abraira countered that this was standard procedure–not to interrupt command proceedings unless it was to correct problems or the like–and later threatened to sue.

Read more about the developments from the Boston Globe at http://b.globe.com/18N7AnD.

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