Emmons Off Road Rescue Systems Offers Rescue Wagons and Medical Trailers

Emmons Off Road Rescue Systems builds a diverse line of rescue systems, most of which can be pulled by hand, ATV or other approved motor vehicle.

The “BALISTICA” and “BALISTICA M-class” are designed to be fast access patient transport units. They have four wheel steering, exceptionally good stability, light weight, low rolling resistance, and offer 1200 lb rescue capacity with 450 lbs haul out capacity.  

Balistica and Balistica M-class specs: (approximate)

Weight: 100 lbs (not including patient carrier)
Width:    34-36″
Turning Radius: 6+’

Starting Price: (approximate depending on options)

Balistica: (Ready to rescue, includes the Junkin JSA-200 basket)
Pull by hand only, $2400. Pull by hand, or ATV, $2700. Options available at additional charge. Shipping additional.

Balistica M-class: $2700 and up depending on patient carrier systems and options. Ready to rescue. Shipping additional.

Custom rescue systems from range in price from $700 to $19,000 specifically built for your response requirements.

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