Enclosed Pumpers for Chicago

Enclosed Pumpers for Chicago

Five pumpers, completely enclosed, and along designs developed by the Chicago Fire Department, are being delivered by the Mack-International Motor Truck Corporation to Chicago.

The pumpers have accommodations in the cab for a crew of nine men, sitting in three rows of seats. The body is twenty-seven feet long, almost eight feet high, and eight feet wide. Biach unit carries about 1, 500 feet of 2 1/2 and 3-inch hose. Inside the body are the suction hose and a ladder, and the suction connection is at the rear.

Rear View of Apparatus

It is equipped with a 4-stage pressure volume centrifugal pump of 1,000 g.p.m., capacity. At a test this type pumper delivered 1,563 g.p.m., at 120 pounds pressure.

Although the men can ride inside the cah, Michael J. Corrigan, Fire Commissioner, has ordered that one man ride in the open at the rear to all fires, so that in case of an accident there will be one man clear of the wreck. In the design of the unit, every effort was made to keep equipment off the sides.

Side View of Chicago’s New Type Pumper

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