Car Has Two-Way Radio System, and a Public Address System —Index System for Checking Men as They Report

DURING the latter part of last year, the Pasadena, Cal., Fire Department placed into service a new rescue unit. A cab-over-engine type, three-ton chassis was used with an oversized engine and a two-speed rear axle, giving eight forward gear ratios. This machine carries 148 separate pieces of equipment, some of which are new and novel to Fire Department practice.

Two Lighting Plants

Two 2 1/2-kw Kohler light plants provide electricity for four 750-watt flood lights, one 750-watt spot light, and two 200-watt portable inside lights. Four reels, carrying 300 feet of cable are used for the two portable inside lights when it is necessary to provide light in alleys where it is impossible to place the machine.

Two way radio equipment is carried in the cab. The public address system is a directional system, with a range of one half mile. The microphone can be used at any point up to fifty feet from the machine. The lights and horn are carried on hydraulic jacks in fore and aft tunnel, and they can be raised above the machine by a 1/2-hp. electric motor geared to a hydraulic pump. A lighthouse, flasher-type red light, is raised above the other equipment hydraulically on arriving at fires to direct off shift men to this unit.

Large Size Batteries

Duplicate oversized batteries are installed in a lead lined compartment on rollers, which can be conveniently drawn out for servicing. Charging plugs are installed so the batteries can be charged from the outside without moving battery compartments. An ingenious switching arrangement is installed in the cab.which permits either battery to be used on radio or engine electrical equipment, or both batteries can be switched together.

Time Cards for Men

Located near the operating compartment is a time stamp and “A” and “B” shift Kardex cards for each man in the department. As off-shift men report they are checked in and out by the unit operator. The time stamp records the exact time, and the cards are then a permanent record of their arrival and departure.

This machine responds to all regular fires and, in addition to carrying all types of rescue equipment, will be used as a communication and contact point for the giving and receiving orders.

Uncovered Compartments Showing Equipment Contained Therein The lights, speaker and flasher light are in the raised position. There are a similar set of compartments on the other side of the truck containing equipment in addition to what is shown here.

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