Engineer Builds Water Level Indicator

Engineer Builds Water Level Indicator

Water Level Indicator Arrows point to broad white board that rises and falls as water level changes.

The engineer of one of the municipal water pumping stations at Hollywood, California, erected the reservoir water level indicator shown in the accompanying photo-

graph in such a position that it can be easily read from the water station, which is quite a distance from the reservoir. This saves the engineer from making a daily trip to the reservoir to ascertain the level of the water in same.

The device consists of two posts braced in vertical position and connected by horizontal slats of a dark color, and so spaced that each interval between them represents 10,000 gallons of water in the reservoir. A broad white board is connected with a vertical rod with a float in the reservoir. As the water level changes the broad white board rises and falls in front of the slats. The contrast between the white board and the dark slats, enables the indicator to be readily seen even on dark or rainy days.


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