Entire Massachusetts Fire Department Resigns

The town of Blandford, Massachusetts, is without a fire department after the fire chief and seven volunteers resigned Tuesday.

WGGB reports (http://bit.ly/16Lztfs) that the firefighters are all resigning because of a conflict with a couple members of the town’s selectboard, who are trying to get rid of the chief. The reason stems from officials’ power over the chief, according to one fire officer, who said local politicians were attempting to usurp some of the chief’s power.

The resigning firefighters said they contacted the town’s dispatcher and have notified neighboring communities who provide mutual aid to Blandford.

For further details, visit http://bit.ly/16Lztfs.

Tensions between community officials and fire departments are nothing new, but defections en masse of fire departments are atypical. For more such instances, consider Entire Canadian Fire Department Quits After Fire Chief Is Suspended, New Mexico Firefighters Resign En Masse , and Volunteer Firefighter Training: Too Much Training? Mass-Resignations at IL Fire Department.

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