Ratelco Inc., offers a weatherproof mobile intercom, the IC-9 system, designed for continuous communications between crew, master station and remote speakers. The master station features completely transistorized, maintenance-free operation, with “hands-free” communications.

The 8 x 6 x 5-inch master control amplifier listens to the talk-back speaker at the top of the ladder, except when the push-to-talk switch is pushed. The system is equipped with two volume controls sb the ladder operator can adjust incoming volume without changing outgoing volume.

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Vehicle Lane for Hose

laffrey Fire Protection Co., Inc, offers a vehicle lane unit, consisting of a divider head and collector head joined by four small hose lines. Connecting lines may be 1½, 2 and 2½-inch lines, depending on flow requirements. Male or female swivel connectors can be used. A relief valve on divider head internal stream is available. Traffic can move over 4 and 5-inch supply lines, with a lane width range of 10 to 50 feet.

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Midship Pump

Hale Fire Pump Co., offers the QF, two-stage midship fire pump, with an Auto-Lube self-lubricating shaft bearing, wrap around clearance rings, aerodynamic waterways and one-piece pump body. The QF series can pump from 1000 to 1500 gpm and is compatable with most popular high torque-engines.

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lunkin Safety Appliance Co., introduces an air rescue stretcher, SAF-350, designed to fit inside the Bell let Ranger and other such helicopters. Constructed of lightweight aluminum tubing with a bridge-type construction for strength and rigidity, the stretcher folded is 39 inches long, 16 inches wide and 10 inches high. Three patient securing straps are standard.

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Extrication Tools

FAG Bearings Corp., has added the SP40 spreader to its line. The tool weighs about 55 pounds. The FAG Rescue Team Lukas includes the double-acting hydro-spreader SP40, the S90 cutting tool with built-in round material cutting ability, power backup from a hand pump, and electric or gas engine-driven pump with two independent flow systems. The tools can be operated by one person. The S90 cutter has round strock shears which are exchangeable and may be reground. The SP40 spreader has exchangeable tools, which can be mounted without movable connecting parts. The chain set can be shortened, and the tool uses mineral oil as driving fluid.

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Foam Trailer

Southern Pump & Tank Co., offers foam trailers with 250, 500, or 1000 gallon capacity. They come in 10 gauge material with two pak epoxy coating or stainless steel, with a hose trough on each side. The 10-inch top is removable. A manifold accepts four 2 ¼ -inch cast bronze check valves, and four 2 ½-inch swivel chrome plated female adapters. The trailer is handwheel operated and has variable settings.

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Radio-Phone Terminal

Fisher-Curry, Inc., offers Statcomm 2000, an interconnect terminal for the MED frequencies, providing instant and direct telephone contact with a two-way radio. Statcomm scans up top eight frequencies, has a programmable keyboard, conference dialing, alarm reporting of transmitter failure, auto-dial numbers, Medscan and optional land to mobile access.

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CPR-Trauma Dummy

Simulaids has introduced a bleeding CPRtrauma manikin, the MTM-800. The male dummy is impaled in the lower abdomen, has three bleeding wounds, a broken upper leg, a gunshot wound and needs CPR. Blood flow from wounds are controlled by a manual pump, and he is constructed of XP1 self-skinning foam, with limbs. The manikin has a life-like CPR reaction and an indicator light box for monitoring hand position compressions and ventilations, a hand-operated carotid pulse simulator, a life-like rib cage, and a bleeding arm with arterial controlled blood flow. Weighing 45 pounds, it disassembles for cleaning and disinfecting and comes with shoes and clothing.

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Tire Chains

Tractioneer Company offers heavy-duty dual tire chains, attachable in about 15 minutes without jacking. The heat-treated alloy steel tread is designed for on and off road use, providing double grip traction for snow and ice and flotation for sand and mud. The replaceable treads should not harm pavement.

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Turnout Ensemble

Cairns & Brother, Inc., introduces the Aegis two-piece ensemble, developed in conjunction with a two-year wear-testing program with the Miami Fire Department. The ensemble features a streamlined hip-length coat and bib-overall pants that interface with each other, as well as with helmet and boots. The ensemble is designed according to NASA findings to fight fatigue by redistributing weight from shoukJers and back to the stronger, more muscular lower torso/upper leg area. The outfit weighs two pounds less than equivalent standard turnout garments.

Available is an optional Collar-Break, a thermal liner with a sewn-in collar that detaches from the outer shell to permit airing, a winter hood which integrates the helmet and collar to keep out wind and moisture; and the Ring-Seal bool interface, a soft rubber Oring encased in a neoprene waterwell on the pant-cuff interior to keep pants from riding up over the boot top when crawling or running Other options are the WeatherSeal, an elasticized band of moisture-resistant fabric attached to the waistline coat hem, from which it pivots to keep the waist covered as fire fighters move; a leakproof Aquamid inner storm fly sewn in under the pant fly; and drainage eyelets in coat sleeves.

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Air Pack Hoseline

Scott Aviation, a Figgie Inti, company, has added a low pressure hoseline feature to its Air-Pak 2.2 and Air-Pak 4.5. These breathing apparatus contain a modified outlet block on the pressure reducer, and with an accessory hose assembly hooks into an external, low pressure aire supply and operates as a hoseline. In an emergency, the user can disconnect from the external supply, activate the cylinder valve and continue operating. The NIOSH-approved system can be incorporated into units by changing the outlet block and adding the accessory hose.

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Hand Radios

Tamaphone Corp. of America offers a line of VHF high-band (132-174 MHz) hand-held FM radios at 5¾ inches high, 2½ inches wide and 1⅝ inches thick, and weighing one pound. The radio features a rotating off-on switch, external mic switch, a 5-channel selector switch covering a 3 MHz band-width with a 12.5 kHz or 25 kHz spacing between channels; squelch and volume control knobs; low power-high power selection toggle switch; a LED status indicator lamp for transmit mode; and receptacles for auxiliary earphone and auxiliary power-pack input.

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National Safety Supply Inc., introduces the Citation helmet, which meets all known specifications, according to the manufacturer. The outer shell is made of fiberglass, with an inner shell of polycarbonate. Between both shells is polyurethane foam. Ventilation is provided between the adjustable suspension and the inner shell. The helmet is available in black, red, white and yellow, with a hinged polycarbonate faceshield, chin strap and Nomex earflaps.

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Simulated Smoke

Ideanetics Simulator Systems, Inc., offers black smoke for a special effects device. The density of the smoke is controllable, as well as the ability to mix black smoke with brown. The black smoke will be added to the special effects kit now available from Ideanetics.

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Winches & Hoists

Warn Industries has introduced industrial winches and hoists, with eighteen different configurations including hydraulic, 12 and 24-volt DC and 110 and 220-volt AC models. The winches are rated 2000 to 8000 pounds, while the new hoists are designed to lift and support loads from 1000 to 2000 pounds, based on single line, first layer performance The winches and hoists are bronze bushed, fully machined three-stage planetary gear drives, with sealed gear sets, and an “in the drum” automatic braking system.

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