Diver’s face mask

The AGA full face mask, from Viking America Inc., is widely used by search and rescue divers and commercial divers.

In addition to having excellent breathing system capabilities, it also provides a proven communication system in either the wireless or hard-wire model.

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Auxiliary emergency lights

Alerte Systems International Ltd. introduces a line of auxiliary emergency strobe lights that can be mounted to a vehicle’s sun visor.

The lights are secured to the sun visor with adjustable elastic straps. They won’t block the vehicle operator’s line of view; their low weights won’t affect the normal operation of a properly adjusted visor. Two models are available: a single lens, and an alternately flashing, dual lens.

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Traffic control cones

Seton Name Plate Corp.’s traffic control cones can be used to block off large areas by connecting two or more with warning chain. The company offers stock decals and sign attachments to customize each cone’s message. Decals include “No Entry, Restricted Area,” “Danger, Flammable,” and “Electrical Hazard.”

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Cardiac transcriber

Cardiac Resuscitator Corp. introduces its Medical Command Transcriber, which can extract information recorded during use of the company’s automatic external defibrillator. The MCT can produce the patient’s ECG strip, as well as a run report: data on treatments delivered by the defibrillator, patient rhythm strips, and real times.

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Personal protection kits

Sellstrom Med Mask Kits offer eye, nose, and mouth protection against infectious diseases. Two types of kits are available from Sellstrom Manufacturing Co. The Med 1 kit contains one pair of lightweight goggles and a surgical mask. Med 2 contains those items, as well as one pair of latex gloves and a biohazard bug for disposal.

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Weather information

Three new radios from Maxon Systems Inc. provide around-the-clock access to U.S. Weather Service reports and forecasts.

All three models operate with 9-volt battery power, are treated to resist moisture, and can receive a clear signal up to 50 miles from the transmitting station. One has an “alert” feature for severe weather broadcasts.

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Rechargeable flashlights

Rechargeable krypton flashlights from Direct Safety Co. offer the assurance of reliable emergency lighting with no danger of overcharging.

These compact, cordless flashlights plug into any 120 VAC outlet by means of concealed, extendable prongs. Fully charged flashlights hold their charge for up to one year.

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Side-access vehicles

The Commander line of emergency vehicles from Hackney and Sons offers an affordable way to transport and organize haz-mat, firefighting, and rescue equipment.

Each Commander can be custom built to meet specific requirements. Design configurations include six-, eight-, and 10-compartment arrangements. Equipment is stored behind exterior roll-up doors, enabling several compartments to be opened simultaneously.

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Industrial monitor

The Stingray, an all-brass, industrial firefighting monitor from Elkhart Brass, is easy to operate and install.

The Stingray’s three-inch unobstructed waterway allows for flows up to 1,250 gpm. Featuring a ZA-27 worm gear, the gear drive assures positive vertical lock in angles from 90° above horizontal to 60° below and is fully enclosed to protect the mechanism from damaging elements. A positive horizontal twist allows for a full 360° rotation.

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Scanning receiver

A new personal receiver from AOR Ltd. has 800 MHz and channel scanning capabilities.

The receiver has frequency coverage for fire, police, and emergency bands, as well as sendees above 800 MHz. Unlike comparable receivers, no frequencies have been restricted or removed. Twenty front panel keys allow the user to operate the unit by accessing the onboard microcompu ter.

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Butyl overboots

Two-ply butyl overboots, available from Chem-Tex Corp., are ideal for use in hazmat incidents. The 19-inch-high boots slip easily over regular footwear and workboots and can be decontaminated for reuse. Each pair is made with non-slip nitrile soles and Velcro fasteners for quick donning and doffing.

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Fire simulator

Ideanetics Simulator Systems introduces its newest fire simulator, Model 102.

Three channels enable the fire scene to be divided up and allows the instructor to communicate individually with the students. Flat telephone cables and modular plugs connect the system, which makes for quick assembly.

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Rechargeable power system

Earmark, Inc. announces the availability of a rechargeable power system for its Series 3 and 3W headset models. Designated the RGS group, the system consists of a plug-in power source, a four-pocket charger, and up to four rechargeable battery packs. The system can provide full operating capability tor eight hours for continuous transmit and receive.

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Electronic siren

Mars Signal Light Co. introduces a 100watt, full 8-mode function electronic siren.

The siren features exclusive pulsar sound mode, common microphone capability, a quick-release and noise-cancelling microphone, and solid state circuitry. It carries a 24-month warranty, and depending on the user’s requirements, has several options and accessories available.

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Cut-off saw

A portable, gasoline-powered cut-off saw from Shindaiwa Inc. has the versatility and power to make it useful for rescue operations.

The EC350 quickly and easily converts for right or left blade mounting, has an extra-large fuel capacity, and features a high-quality, air-cooled 2-cycle engine. Two 9-inch abrasive blades are standard; a dry diamond blade is available as an option.

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Grommet/washer repair kit

W.W. Cross, a division of PCI Group, has developed a grommet washer field repair kit that uses a new method of replacing or adding grommets and washers by hand.

This method uses a blind rivet setting tool, reuseable mandrels, and industrial grade grommet and washer setting dies. Hand settings equal in appearance and durability to machine-grade settings can be achieved using this method.

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Remote-control searchlight

ACR Electronics introduces a weathertight, low-profile searchlight with 80,000 candlepower focused into a sharp, longreaching beam.

The RCL 30 has a halogen lamp, cast aluminum housing, a continuous 360° rotating head, and a remote control panel. The unit comes complete w ith installation cable.

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Instrument holster

American Diagnostic Corp. introduces its ADC 6 leather holster, which is small enough to fit in a pocket, but roomy enough to hold six instruments.

The leather holster has three molded pockets and one slotted pocket beneath the front flap, and one large slide-in pocket. A complete set of instruments— one each of straight forceps, paramedic shears, thumb dressing forceps, a disposable penlight, and a spring-loaded window punch —is also available from the company.

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Face shield

Kedman Co., manufacturers of Huntsman Safety Products, introduces a new model Med-K face shield.

Designed for use in medical environments, the shield features replaceable visors, foam-comfort sweatbands, and a patented Zahnlok for easy adjustment of the headgear.

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MSDS data tape service

The Material Safety Data Sheets Index Data Tape Service offers on-site access to a computerized MSDS index from Information Handling Services.

Records include emergency telephone numbers, brand names, chemical names, trade names, date of the MSDS, and a revision status indicator.

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Rear vision video system

Intec Video Systems, Inc. introduces its Model 9300 solid state unit.

The 9300 camera can be easily installed in a variety of fire and emergency vehicles; the 5-inch monitor has a reversible bracket for on or over the dashboard mounting. It’s fully protected from weather and vehicle shock and vibration.

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Glass fragment safety spray

Rescue Web permits immediate handling of vehicle glass, and it bonds to glass even when exposed to high temperatures.

Spray Rescue Web on the vehicle glass before cutting and most of the small fragments are controlled from spreading. The spray, from SERG, doesn’t gum up equipment or stick to gloves.

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Fire incident software

The Entry Level Fire Incident Reporting System, available from Arrakis Publishing, is software designed for smaller departments.

The system is a single-user version of the company’s Fire Incident Reporting software. It features split-screen reference to more than 2,000 codes; error and logic checking; and report summaries.

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Flow meter

The Auto Scan Digital FlowMeter from Fire Research Corp. can scan up to eight flow inputs and displays only the lines that are flowing.

The flow meter offers two modes of operation: automatic and manual. The automatic mode displays each flow for about four seconds and then displays the next flow. With the manual mode, any flow can be monitored individually.

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Gas alarm

The Arlington Guard Haz-Mat Gas Alarm detects more than 100 toxic gases and explosive vapors and can be worn under protective clothing.

If gas penetrates the suit, a highly audible alarm will sound. In some models, an alarm sounds if the firefighter is motionless for a period of 45 seconds. The alarm can also be attached to a lanyard and lowered into manholes, storage tanks, or any confined spaces. It operates for 10 to 12 hours on four AA alkaline batteries. An indicator warns when batteries need to be replaced.

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