Steering wheel mini-cutter

The Lukas Mini-Cutter LC55H, which is operated by a handpump, enables rescue workers to cut where access is limited.

The three-pound tool, from Lukas of America, has a cutting force of 14,000 pounds and can cut through steering wheel spokes, pedals, and gear shift sticks.

The compact, lightweight cutter comes with a handpump and a six-foot hydraulichose.

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Rescue rope bag

First Due Products introduces its rescue rope bag, made to protect rope from grime and prevent the damage that tight coiling can cause.

The bag, made of cordura nylon, can hold up to 350 feet of ½-inch rope. It comes with a rope life-history record for documentation; and a see-through inspection document pocket.

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Power inverters

Two inverters developed specifically for emergency vehicles and UL listed at 1,000 and 1,500 watts are available from Dimensions Unlimited.

The TransPower inverters automatically change 12-volt DC from the vehicle battery to standard 120-volt AC to run portable respirators, neonatal monitors, and other medical equipment. They can also power lights, computers, and other electronic equipment that runs on 120-volt current.

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Protective clothing

The Hazard Guard Plus Totally Encapsulated Suit is the first in a new line of protective clothing from Durafab Inc.

The suit is made of Challenge 5000, a combination of Teflon and Nomex. It can be decontaminated and repaired in the field, and weighs one third to one half as much as other suits, according to the company.

The suit, which comes in standard and large sizes, features dolman sleeves, boot flaps, and nonmetallic glove rings. Pressure-activated exhalation valves begin to release air when the air pressure inside the suit reaches a predetermined level.

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Right-to-Know software

SARA! Emergency Response software allows fire departments and emergency response committees to maintain inventories of where specific chemicals and hazardous materials are located in their area.

OSHA-Soft CFR, another software package from OSHA-Soft Corp., brings the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations to the computer screen. Standards are displayed in a clear, readable format and can be indexed.

Both programs supplement the company’s Compliance Series of Right-to-Know software released in 1985.

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Pressure wand

Rice Hydro Equipment’s WA-1 pressure wand can convert the company’s FH-3 Fire Hose Tester into a washer for trucks, hoses, driveways, and equipment.

The wand has dual tips for soap and water spraying. The 500-psi maximum pressure won’t strip decals or harm custom paint jobs, according to the company.

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Compartment protector

Turtle Tuff Tiles provide durable protection for inside compartments of fire and emergency rescue vehicles.

Spilled liquids and powder are easily drained away through the tiles’ waffle grids. The heavy-duty vinyl tiles, available from Turtle Plastics Corp., can be cut to fit any size area.

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Litter shield

The California Mountain Co.’s Rescue Litter Shield protects patients from inclement weather and further trauma during transportation or stretcher evacuations.

The device offers access to the patient while protecting the face, head, and neck from falling debris, brush, rain, and wind.

Litter Shield is made of ⅛-inch-thick Lexan for durability and the clarity and weather resistance of glass. It can be used with ambulance cots.

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