Overpack containers for hazardous-waste disposal

Skolnik Industries Inc. has overpack containers for hazardous-waste disposal in sizes ranging from 8 to 96 gallons.

The open-head drums have removable, rubber-gasketed covers. Interiors are treated to resist corrosion and to prolong overpack life after disposal.

The company’s latest addition is the Incin-o-Pak, a fiber container which can be incinerated.

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Lighting units

Streamlight Inc. introduces its Excalibre series and point-of-purchase display units.

The Excalibre series includes a broad range of lights, which incorporate hightechnology advancements to provide power and reliability.

The display units include the counter display unit, which holds several combinations of Streamlight products; the Streamlight Junior counter display, which holds 48 miniature flashlights; and the Streamlight Plan-A-Gram, a pegboard poster designed to help display hand-held Streamlight products.

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Heavy-duty engine cleaner

Oil and grease deposits that can coat an engine and prevent proper heat transfer can be removed with Nalco Engine Cleaner & Degreaser, one of a line of aerosols recently introduced by Nalco Chemical Co.

The cleanser contains two industrialstrength wetting agents that act as penetrating detergents to break up grime; build-up can be washed away with water. After cleaning, Nalco Engine Cleaner & Degreaser leaves behind a protective film which helps prevent rust formation.

The product won’t harm engine hoses, belts, painted surfaces, or plastic components. It can also be used to clean garage floors and other concrete surfaces.

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Compact rescue tool

Mini Ram is a rescue tool that provides easy access to confined areas.

The 18-pound tool, part of Hale Fire Pump Co.’s Hurst Jaws of Life line, measures 15 inches closed but can deliver 15,000 pounds of opening force. It features a seven-inch stroke and can be operated with one hand.

Made of aluminum and steel, the Mini Ram is compatible with other Jaws of Life rescue systems.

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Damage-preventing door signal

Door-Lite, an easy-to-see signal system, alerts drivers when firehouse doors aren’t fully open. It’s ideally used around ladder, tower, and snorkel trucks, where equipment often obscures the driver’s view.

The device, available from Safe-Light Systems Ltd., uses a simple red and green signal system to advise drivers when to stop or proceed.

Installation of Door-Lite takes approximately one hour and doesn’t require special wiring.

Door-Lite can be ordered with an optional audible device, which sounds when a door is in motion.

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Emergency lights

Flash Back, available from Sound Off Inc., alternately flashes brake lights and back-up lights, making it easier for motorists to spot emergency vehicles.

The bright red and white light can be used on any 12-volt electrical system, such as those commonly found on fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars.

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New pump system

The new Zico jet-assist Jet Line Pump from Ziamatic Corp. rapidly transfers water for fire apparatus to use in areas with portable water supplies. It can also help empty the tank faster.

The system requires no outside energy source other than the pumper in operation. It does require at least two tanks. A dump tank—filled from a tanker truck—supplies water to the drafting tank via the Jet Line Pump. The drafting tank, in turn, supplies water to the pumper.

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Portable hose pack

The Quic-Tote portable hose pack enables firefighters to transport extra hose and accessories to structural and remote fires by hand or on the back.

The 54-pound pack, from Ziamatic Corp. contains 150 feet of hose, a lightweight polycarbonate nozzle, and a ballgated leader line wye.

Various models are available, including the Quic-Tote Junior. The smaller model, which comes in a two-pound | canvas bag, can hold up to two lengths j of 1 ‘/i-inch hose in 50-foot rolls.

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Reusable air bag protectors

Team Equipment Inc. introduces its Bag Mate and Monster Mesh air bag protectors. The reinforced neoprene and stainless steel wire mesh sheets protect against heat, acids, oils, and sharp objects.

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Rescue rope

Ticknor International introduces its Lifestron Lifeline, a nylon and polyester rescue rope. The average strength of a ½-inch rope is 10,500 pounds; a ⅝-inch rope, 18,250 pounds.

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Roll-in ambulance cots

Two new cot models from Ferno-Washington Inc., the Mobile Transporter and the Mobile Transporter System, feature roll-in loading at all ambulance heights.

Both models are constructed of lightweight aluminum and include swing-down side rails, an adjustable backrest, five-inch swivel wheels, shock position, and a lift handle.

The MTS model also has a removable bed section which converts to a portable stretcher or stair chair and a two-inch sectional mattress with restraints.

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Management system software

Public Service Computer Software Inc., publisher of FireSoft Systems, announces the release of the FireSoft Personnel/Training Management System for use on any IBM-compatible personal computer. The new system enables fire departments to keep accurate records for each staff member, including emergency medical information, outside employers, certification history, and attendance records.

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Cellular telephones

Cellular telephones in a variety of models are available from Motorola Inc.

Features include duplex speakerphone, luminescent number display, and accessories for data interconnection. The cellular telephones have warranties ranging up to five years.

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Viral disinfectant towellettes

Code 4, an antistatic viral disinfectant from Dixie USA Inc., now comes in towellette size. Code 4 has tested effective for up to three weeks. It kills most common viruses and bacteria.

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Weight-training machines

Bally Fitness Products Corp. announces that it will market the first 4 of 12 Lifecircuit electronic weight-training machines in the spring of 1988. Lifecircuit machines are designed to simulate the feel and intensity level of free-weight lifting while eliminating cumbersome metal apparatus. A simple touch-control console eliminates the need to change heavy plates or weight stack pins, so users can move rapidly from machine to machine.

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Fire protection software

Foamstat, a computer program available from National Foam System Inc., helps firefighters during an emergency and before, while planning hazard protection.

A calculations program will help the user with many of the common mathematical formulas necessary for both pre-emergency planning and emergency responses.

The software, for IBM PCs and compatible computers, comes with a manual and is available in English and metric versions.

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Lightweight chain saw

Tanaka Kogyo Co. introduces its ECS300 chain saw, which at a weight of 8.6 pounds is best used for light to medium cutting jobs. The saw features transistorized electronic ignition, an automatic adjustable chain oiler, and an antivibration safety throttle lock.

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Power outlet boxes

Power outlet boxes from CEPCO come prewired with “thiefbugs” that detect when electronic items are disconnected (if they’re unplugged or if their power cord is cut). The outlet boxes protect electronic items such as personal computers, office equipment, and laboratory instruments.

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Line of portable diesel pumps

Hale Fire Pump Co. has introduced a new line of portable diesel fire pumps. These lighter-weight, more compact, portable units offer fuel compatibility with diesel pumpers and combine the best features of dieseland gasoline-driven engines.

The new line features three models: the 20 FD series for high-pressure applications, the 25/30 FB series for high-volume use, and the 25 FR series of high-volume pumps.

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Exterior hose-line connection

An exterior connection for buildings with standpipes and hose or sprinkler systems, which allows a fire department to supplement existing water supplies, is available from Firematic Sprinkler Devices Inc.

The connection accepts either one or two hose lines and has a built-in bronze clapper which automatically closes the unused inlet. The unit allows fire departments to connect hose lines directly into an existing fireprotection system to supplement water supplies.

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Standardized fire boxes

Doorking introduces a standardized fire box, which allows owners to provide their own padlocks. The front-hinged door of the Model 1400 has holes for a padlock, which can be cut off by the fire department if neither key nor combination is available. Opening the door activates an internal switch that can be connected to the gate operator.

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Heavy-duty flashlight

Garrity Industries introduces the Maxi Tuff Lite, a refillable flashlight which has a Fresnel lens and uses three D cell batteries. Conventional models generally use two D batteries and have a standard plastic lens.

The rubber flashlight has a specially designed grid pattern for better grip and a rubber carrying strap for added security. Like Garrity’s other refillable flashlights, the Maxi Tuff has a recessed on-and-off switch to avoid accidental battery drain.

Maxi Tuff comes with batteries and a 10year warranty.

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Hydraulic rescue tools with high levels of cutting force

Holmatro Inc. introduces the new Holmatro Magnum Force Series hydraulic rescue tools. The Holmatro Magnum Force Spreader produces 33,000 pounds of force at the tips, and the Holmatro Magnum Force Cutter achieves up to 63,000 pounds of cutting force.

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Cylinder and pump line

A new line of hydraulic cylinders and pumps has been introduced by the OTC Division of Sealed Power Corp. The “Magnum” system, which has been engineered to operate at pressures of up to 15,000 psi, greatly improves the power-to-weight ratio of its components without sacrificing safety, the company says.

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Preprogrammed radio

Regency Electronics Inc. has developed the Regency Informant INF-5, a receiver that’s completely preprogrammed so it can be operated by people who have no prior knowledge of scanners.

At the turn of a key, the receiver can monitor all police, fire, emergency, or weather frequencies for a particular state.

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Helmet light holder

Fire-Light holds a helmet light, keeping a firefighter’s hands free for other work.

Designed by a firefighter, Fire-Light attaches to the face shield mounting nut. The miniflashlight, holder, and batteries have a combined weight of less than 5 ounces.

Available from Walsworth Enterprises Inc., Fire-Light is manufactured of noncorrosive materials.

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Recorder for voice messages

The Recall Plus solid-state instant recall recorder, now available from Distributed Networks Inc., is used by police and fire departments to record emergency voice messages. The Recall Plus simultaneously records and plays back so no calls are missed during search and replay. The voice is recorded digitally and stored under microprocessor control.

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Toxic chemical meter

Thermo Environmental Instruments Inc. introduces its Model 580A Organic Vapor Meter, which detects gases and logs data.

The portable meter has an operating range of 0 to 2,000 ppm, and it can record location, date, and time.

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Harness features leg-strap design

Gemtor Inc. introduces its harness No. 341, which uses a leg-strap design and lighter, smaller hooks for comfort and speed. The wearer steps through the Gemtor No. 541’s leg strap, hoists the | unit to the crotch area, and fastens the | safety belt. Leg straps are adjustable.

The nylon, one-piece harness has a I waist belt, steel snaphook, D-ring buckle, and harness Pompier hook.

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