Star Sprinkler Corporation has introduced the Star Galaxy line of balanced-flow pendant and horizontal sidewall residential sprinklers, available in both recessed and standard models. Due to a patented design, the Galaxy sidewall sprinklers have a flow rate identical to that of the pendant, minimizing water supply requirements. In addition. the sprinklers’ glass bulbs do not extend beyond their bases, reducing the risk of damage.

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Seton Name Plate Company has availablesignage and other products designed to promote awareness of workplace hazards and other issues. Recycling posters, measuring 17 by 23 inches, and an Employee Awareness Board, constructed of a durable pexiglass center that holds up to 20 safety booklets ranging in topic from “working with hazardous materials” to “how to prevent back injuries,” are available. In addition, Seton offers a line of paper tags designed to help with inventory’ control, as well as signs, labels, posters, inspection stamps, and productivity banners that can help in the establishment of a quality control program.

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Pro-Poly, a division of B&M Marine Repairs, Inc., offers a line of new/replacement, National Testing-certified (NFPA 1901-compliant), apparatus tanks that allow 90 percent of their water out at 500 gpm. Computerized overhead router/cutter provides accuracy within .002 of an inch, and process electronic control bending eliminates 50 percent of weld seams. Other features include extrusion welding and electronically controlled welding; tank baffles that are welded to the tank floor; double scaled, removable lids; threaded couplings made of natural copolymer polypropylene ( 100 percent recyclable and 10 times stronger than regular polypropylene); and air escape vents designed to prevent tank damage and allow for maximum fill.

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Isolair’s Eliminator II Model 4600*350 firefighting systems are hover-fill systems that use a shallow water probe to fill 198-US GAL water tanks in less than 30 seconds from any water source at least 1 2 inches deep. Integrated foam/retardant tanks hold 15 US GAL of retardant, which is automatically mixed with the water payload en route. Hydraulically actuated dump doors allow pilots to select dump volume and drop length using cyclic controls. The systems are designed for use with Eurocopter AS-350 helicopters.

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Servus. Footwear Company has added FootGuard™, a penetration protection system, to its entire line of men’s Firebreaker™ and Firebreaker II™ boots. FootGuard™ consists of a puncture-resistant, steel midsole that protects a larger area of the foot than do traditional designs. Much of the increased protected area guards the firefighter’s arch. The boot’s other safety features include electrical hazard protection surpassing 14,000 volts in tests; durable, highly flame resistant KevIar®/Nomex® linings; Vibram® or Heavy’ Trac Tread soles to reduce slips and falls; and steel toes for protection from falling objects.

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Midland LMR has developed a multiunit controller that permits operation of up to four of the company’s Syn-Tech II™ mobiles (regardless of model or frequency band) from a single head, provided they have the same microprocessor software. The controller consists of an interface box and small remote-control head that gives the user pushbutton selection and LED indication of the mobile under direct control. Volume, sque’ch, channel number, scan operation, and PTT of the mobile are then controlled the control head.

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THe RECT-79 Series of lightheads from Tomar Electronics, Inc., provide warning coverage with computer-generated stepped optical design. The sevenby nine-inch lightheads are hermetically sealed, available in dual colors and a choice of strobe, halogen, dual strobe, or halogen/strobe combination. Improved Xenon materials extend the lamp life approximately 300 to 3000 hours, and filament-free strobes offer increased durability since there are no filaments to break or burn through.

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Cairns and Brother Inc. has unveiled its new Riverside turnout gear, coats and pants sewn with bonded Nomcx® filament thread and featuring the patented Collar Break™, the only fully policeable and interchangeable shell and liner system in the industry; standard 32-inch length coats; enlarged underarm gussets for additional mobility; contoured panels in the body and sleeve following the natural shape of the body; and telescoping water wells in sleeves.

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Ericsson GE Mobile Communications has introduced the Orion mobile radio to interface with either conventional or Enhanced Digital Access Communications System (EDACS™) equipment. It is available in UHF and VHF and in both system and scan models. In its EDACS application, the Orion offers advanced trunking benefits, emergency alert, dynamic regrouping, and individual unit disable.

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Schlumberger Industries has developed twoinch-thick foam insulation sleeves for sixinch PVC dry hydrant systems, designed to wrap around the six-inch PVC vertical riser and insulate the pipe at water level. Ten-inch PVC pipe can be used to encase the foam insulation sleeves, which are manufactured in 24-inch lengths and 180-degree half sections for easy handling and installation. Dry hydrant insulation sleeves offer maximum protection against freezing.

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Montauk Services, Inc., offers a tire system rehabilitation process that can restore fire protection pipelines to full flow capacity without resorting to cement lining or pipeline replacement, can clean thousands of feet in one run, and can restore lines to full ! operation within minutes of the cleaning j process.

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The ‘T10 AC Voltage Reference from Guideline Instruments is a digitally synthesized AC voltage source that provides 16 multiple waveform shapes at 16 different frequencies and five different voltage levels. Other fealures include external sensing, a voltage range of lmV to 7.07V, 100mA output current, thermal converter calibration, and automatic calibration. Two digital-to-analog converters arc utilized to generate an extremely stable AC analogue waveform at frequencies of up to 156.25 kHz.

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Two new synthesized community repeaters are available from Standard Communications’ Land Mobile Division. The 100-watt LMR5 UHF and 160-watt LMR6 VHF repeaters are modular designed for high-performance and low maintenance; panels incorporated into each of the repeaters provide 10 watts of power. Each repeater includes an amplifier, power supply, and duplexer. The MTP5-30 option provides for 60 separate customers, choosing from 38 CTCSS tones and 22 digital codes. Other features include over-the-air or direct programming, tone enable/disable, airtime tallying for each tone, cross-tone and cross-code encoding, auto Morse ID. and airtime log.

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C. Gunther Co. has introduced a new product consisting of specially configured, heavyduty chrome steel wire designed for use as drying hangers for turnout gear. Due to a design featuring greater spread than that provided by regular hangers, air can circulate better inside the garment. Hanger hooks are offered in two styles—open and closed, The closed style keeps the hanger from coming off the hanging rod when the garment is removed in a hurry.

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Cairns and Brother’s SuperPASS™ device is lightweight, small in design, dependable, and loud. Features include a wig-wag of highintensity LEDs to signal that the unit is on, the ability to operate in any position, and a solid-state motion sensor. SuperPASS™ meets or exceeds all NFPA 1982, 1988 edition, requirements.

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A prehospital transport device consisting of an all-enveloping soft container of high-pile fabric designed to hold a patient’s body heat is available from MARSARS. This full-zip* pered fluorescent orange bag with six carrying handles, called the Hypothermic Stabilizer. passively rewarms a patient with five reusable heat packs for truncal rewarming. It is packed in a water-resistant, back-packable case; weighs 12 pounds; and measures 12 inches by 30 inches.

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The new AUTO CHARGE 1000 from Kussmaul Electronics Co. Inc. features a full 15amp output, remote electronic voltage sensing, and a three-amp battery saver. The remote electronic voltage sensor detects the actual battery voltage without additional “sense” wires. The battensaver circuit is provided to power rechargeable hand lights and accessories, freeing the charger from these loads. It is designed for single-battery vehicles.

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An aspirating foam nozzle, for use with AFFF and Class A foams, is available from KK Products. The dual-gallonage bubble cup can produce conventional straight streams, wide protective fog patterns, and aspirated foam.

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