J & M Enterprises’ All-Pro Switch is a system that includes a weather-resistant Pro-Switch and a Control Box that can be mounted anywhere. An added feature is a door ajar light for the cab, which is equipped with a buzzer to warn the driver when a door is ajar.

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ENCAP Corporation’s ENCAP is an encapsulating powder that provides a sanitary method of containing and picking up spilled body fluids. It congeals the fluids and is available chlorinated and nonchlorinated.

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The Antenna Specialists Company’s temporary mount cellular antenna is for use with portable and transportable phones. It has molded-in suction cups for long-lasting window adhesion despite repeated installation and removal. The antenna operates from inside the vehicle, offering weather protection and discouraging theft.

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Iowa-American’s SCBA cylinder handling system allows flexibility in storage, transportation, and use with minimum manpower and space. Its twin cylinder tote is mounted on any vehicle and protects cylinders from damage.

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Munson Manufacturing’s M/V Columbia is a 62’ x 20′ aluminum pilot boat. Safety features include a double-bottomed and sealed front third of the hull, aluminum bulkheads with watertight doors in the forward compartments, and special stainless-steel skegs to protect the drive shafts, rudders, and propellers.

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Reach Electronics’ Model 2VR153 High Band Monitor Pager operates automatically in both a straight monitor, a tone-and-voice mode, and a manual tone-monitor mode to receive signals too weak to open the squelch. It has a voltage regulator circuit and a low-battery indication.

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Holmatro Industrial & Rescue Equipment’s Mini-pump 2030 U is a portable power source for rescue services. It can be used with hydraulic tools such as cutters and spreaders and can be carried by one person. It is lightweight, has a cutting force of 29 tons, and has a pulling force of 7.3 tons.

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Safety Storage, Inc.’s ENVIRO MEDTM Model 200 infectious medical waste storage building provides a temperature-controlled environment for the storage of infectious medical waste while complying with regulations for the storage of hazardous materials. It has a refrigerator system to maintain a constant interior temperature of 38°F, and a forced air evaporator eliminates condensation.

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Porter-Ferguson’s RS3000 self-contained, hand-operated cutter is powered by a pump built into the handles. It needs no hoses or hookups, making it ideal as an initial response tool. It can slice through doorposts, hood hinges, steering wheel rings, and seat supports.

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Thermadyne Industries, Inc.’s Arcair SLICE® exothermic cutting torch can be used on land to cut through steel bars and locks and pentrate steel doors. At sea it can cut through shipboard metals to rescue trapped victims and has been adapted to make repairs underwater.

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Home Safeguard Industries’ new Smoke Detector Tester accessory is a delivery system consisting of two parts: a plastic cap that fits around the top of the aerosol container and a plastic tube that is attached to the cap. It ensures proper position of the tester so it won’t spray too close to the detector and aims the spray directly at the detector in windy conditions.

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Marco Manufacturing’s low-profile skid units are fiberglass tanks that can be installed in any pickup or utility bed and come with reinforced tops for mounting pumps, hoselays, and reels. Pumping options run from 15 gpm to 500 gpm and any of the skids are available through a lease/purchase program.

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Excel Data Systems, Inc.’s updated version of its FiSerWare Equipment Inventory Software System keeps track of what equipment is in each vehicle’s compartment as well as an unlimited amount of maintenance service history for any items. Data fields include purchasing source, date, and original cost; current replacement cost; in service date and issue date and to whom; anticipated life; and asset and serial numbers.

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Zee Medical, Inc.’s #3057 Oxygen System provides two 30-minute disposable oxygen cylinders within a complete emergency oxygen system. Included are two masks, a protective airway mask for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, a seven-foot connecting tube, and such first aid items as ammonia inhalants and bandages.

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Federal Signal Corporation’s SmartSiren Model SS2000 uses microprocessor technology to provide an integrated full-function electronic siren and light control system. It consists of an amplifier/relay unit and a one-inch-thick control head. It has advanced features such as a horn ring transfer, radio rebroadcast, and foot switch activation of lights and sirens.

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Edge Industries’ video manual demonstrates setup, operation, and maintenance procedures described in the print manual supplied with all Cutters Edge Ventilation Saws. The video package includes a print supplement that further illustrates the basic principles of ventilation cutting.

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Universal Marketing Corporation’s Wall Mount Basket can be placed near water coolers or fountains to hold SQW’INCHER®, The Activity Drink®. Each kit contains a metal wire basket that holds two 64-ounce plastic containers of liquid concentrate, dispensing pumps, and cups. The liquid requires no stirring once it mixes with water.

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ILC Dover’s Ice Pack Vest uses six sets of gel strips to keep workers cool. It has no electrical components and is flame-retardant, making it suited to explosive environments. It lasts more than four hours, weighs 12 pounds, and has replaceable straps.

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FircSoft®’s California Version of its Incident Reporting System conforms to the recently revised state system adopted by the California State Fire Marshal. This version has all the features of the other systems. Free updates are included with each purchase.

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Survival’s pass-through suit fitting makes air available through an outside source to a user wearing a fully encapsulated suit. It may be disconnected during emergency escape from a hazardous environment. It is attached at belt level on the left hip.

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Stranco, Inc.s barricade warning tape is nonpressure-sensitive, heavy-duty tape made from abrasion-resistant, linear, low-density polyethylene film.

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HAZ STOR’s Noncombustible Metal Buildings comply with EPA requirements for , secondary containment. They are waterproof and vented to prevent vapor accumulation. A sump prevents soil and groundwater contamination. The buildings are delivered prebuilt and once positioned are ready for use.

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Chem-Tex Corporation’s #16-65 “QD” Splash Guard combines a full-vision, flexible splash hood and a full-bodied surgeon-style apron for complete protection from frontal liquid splash. An adjustable opening allows s donning in seconds. Each suit comes with gloves, glove rings, and a nylon storage bag.

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Filterclean Corp.’s Sliding Balancer Track is an automatic disconnect diesel exhaust system. Automatic disconnect is accomplished through a Grabber® inflatable nozzle and pneumatic regulated deflation. One man can reconnect the system.

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Firecom Corporation’s System 3000 is a sixplace, voice-activated intercom that offers hearing protection from engine noise and audible warning devices. An optional digital message recorder provides the ability to record and instantly replay addresses, command instructions, and medical and other critical information.

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Response Marine Inc.’s Response FR-20 and FR-23 fire/rescue boats feature all-welded aluminum construction, durable hull, pumping capacities of 500 to 1,250 gpm, foam anks, and dive outfitting options. They are 20 to 35 feet in length.

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Life-Guard, Inc.’s Vapor Protective Suit is NFPA 1991 certified. The suit is a combination of the company’s Responder Level A limited-use suit and Aluminized PBI Kevlar over cover. The suit showed no breakthrough in one hour of permeation testing to the ASTM FI001 liquids, plus ammonia and chlorine.

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StairMaster 4000 Personal Trainer exercise system accessories include a sturdy metal reading rack, a plexiglass demonstration wall placard, and an easy-to-clean floor mat. A power supply holder.

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Wehr Engineering’s Glas-Master is an extrication tool that can remove a windshield in 50 seconds with less glass falling into the passenger compartment. It causes the vehicle to move less, which reduces the chance of spinal injury.

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Wolter Environmental Systems’ Hot Dog portable hot water machine delivers endless hot water for decontamination showers and hydrant and apparatus thawing. It sets up in under two minutes and delivers water from any source. It has a high-volume self-priming pump, rechargeable power supply, LPG fuel supply, and hand-held shower wand.

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The Knox Company’s 1650-DH Medical Knox-Box eliminates forcible entry in the event of a medical emergency. On-site access keys save time and allow the door to be resecured immediately. The box mounts on the door without mounting bolts and holds three keys.

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Matarah Industries’ Sorb-X2 sorbent is a nonwoven, layered, ultrasonically layered product that absorbs liquids, resists concentrated acids, and is flame-resistant. It can be reused several times, reducing the volume of material needing disposing of and the associated costs.

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Scott Aviation’s antifog applique for the ScotO-Vista® facepiece minimizes fogging and eliminates the need for a nosecup. It does not interfere with operating or maintenance, procedures.

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