Escape of ‘Firebugs’

Escape of “Firebugs”

The Troy Times says that the almost uniform escapes of incendiaries from arrest and conviction has long been somewhat of a mystery to citizens, and in some degree a reproach upon the authorities whose duty it is to exercise their energies in bringing the miscreants to justice. Other criminals, whose crimes are less heinous, arc often speedily made to pay the penalty of transgression. But “ firebugs,” actuated by malevolence, or bribed by dishonest propertyholders, pursue their nefarious work, and enjoy extraordinary exemption frinn punishment. Troy is largely indebted to an admirable Fire Department for the prevention of disastrous conflagrations originated through the infernal agency indicated. There is no good reason why the burners of buildings should elude penal retribution. Their guilt can be fastened upon them if proper effort is put forth.

—Steam threshing is extending among far! mers, and stacks for grain and contiguous barns,

and other buildings, have been fired thereby, j Some insurance companies add 15 per cent, to the rates of insurance where steam threshers are ugod, or prohibit their use entirely.

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