Espey Completes 25 Years as Chief

Espey Completes 25 Years as Chief

John H. Espey, chief of the fire department in Elmira, N. Y., completed twenty-five years service on May 16, 1929, as chief. On June 27 of this year he will round out fortytwo years service in the Elmira Fire Department.

Chief Espey entered the department June 27, 1887. He was appointed foreman on May 6, 1889. With his duties as fireman, he was the department plumber, and since he was a good penman and excellent accountant, he became secretary to the chief of the department. His son, Lieut. Arthur Espey, is at present the department’s secretary.

On May 16, 1904, Foreman Espey was appointed chief engineer of the department. He has filled this post conscientiously and most efficiently. He has been instrumental in building up the organization to its present status. An account in a local newspaper states:

“The chief is of splendid physique, active and alert. His department compares most favorably with many of the larger and well equipped fire-fighting forces of the country.”

In recognition of Chief Espey’s ability and admirable record, the city of Elmira, through the Mayor and Fire Commissioners, presented him with a suitably inscribed gold badge.

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