Even If It Hurts!

Even If It Hurts!

AS it seems to us when we hear each year the legend of the cherry tree, the real moral is not that George had a good hatchet, but rather that it pays to tell the truth—even if it hurts!

Think of the favorable publicity that has resulted from those seven words “I did it with my little hatchet!”

How It Applies in Our Office

Readers of FIRF. AND WATER ENGINEERING all of whom no doubt follow in the truthful footsteps of George Washington,—may be interested to know that we have a related problem to contend with right here in our office.

“How many readers have you?”,

—we are asked. “How many of them are department heads?” “How many of this elass and how many of that elass have you?”

The True Test of Quality

Now nothing gives us greater pleasure than to go into a frank and full analysis of our circulation, with manufacturers and others who are interested, because we have such unsurpassed quality of circulation to offer. To those who judge without the full facts in hand, our figures may seem small; many magazines covering a more scattered editorial range can show larger circulations, naturally. But

We are proud of the fact that in its own highly specialized field, the field that you yourself axe interested in. FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING has on its paid subscription list (and at four dollars per year) more actual heads of departments, in both the fire protection and the water supply fields, than subscribe to any other magazine of the field! Quantity plus quality!

The true test of quality is to sell above the popular price and be worth it and those who do use FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING consider it practically indispensable.

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