Even Royalty Must Heed a Fireman

Even Royalty Must Heed a Fireman

Considerable of a tempest has followed because a fireman, in following the best interests of fire protection, ordered the Duke of Gloucester to extinguish the cigarette he was smoking. His Highness did, but as a result, the news was wired all over the world, the Mayor apologized, and other explanations followed.

His Highness attended a ball held at Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.There were many flimsy decorations. A fireman stationed there went over to guests at several tables and asked them to stop smoking. They replied if the Prince could smoke, they could too. The fireman said that he hadn’t seen the Prince with a cigarette, but that when he came to him, he would speak to him.

At the long table at which were seated the honored guests and officials, the Prince was smoking. The fireman stood beside his chair and respectfully said:

“I am sorry, Your Highness, but I must ask you to stop smoking. The risk of fire is very great.”

The Prince complied, but the Mayor considered the matter as “most monstrous.” Some time ago the hall was partially damaged during an exhibition, and since then firemen have attended the various functions to prevent smoking.

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