Ever Since We Were a Baby

Ever Since We Were a Baby

WHO is our oldest regular reader? A letter received the other day from Henry Mayer, chief of the Bloomington, Ill., department, suggests an interesting point. Chief Mayer writes:

Constant Reader Since 1881

  • “I have been a constant reader of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING since 1881. Have you other readers who have been associated with the field for over forty years?”
  • As this publication in its original form was established way back in 1877, four years before Chief Mayer started reading it, it is very likely that we have a few readers whose acquaintance with FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING goes back even farther than Chief Mayer’s splendid record.
  • The Old Timers

  • We would like to hear from you. Will you fellows who knew us as a write in and tell us about it? Thank you.

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