It’s every Fireman’s duty

To be ready for “acall,”

With Engine, hose, and ladders,

And horses in their stall,

Like an army going to action

When the foe is in the field;

Against such firey courage

The fiery foe must yield.

It’s every Fireman’s duty,

When on the Station wire

There comes a message, swift and sure,

Of outbreak of a fire,

To join with skill, both nerve and will,

And use his utmost pace,

That “water ” soon shall win the day,

And “ fire ” give up the race.

It’s every Fireman’s duly,

No matter where he be,

To observe his Captain’s orders,

And obey implicitly.

Then whether he with branch-pipe stand,

Or on the ladders sway,

His work with courage will be done,

If only he’ll obey.

It’s every Fireman’s duty,

When others quake with fear,

To be as steadfast as a rock,

And labor wi^i good cheer.

And if a friend, or foe, have need

Of helping on the way,

Why, “ lend a hand,” and thus you’ll do

Yt ur duty every day. —London Fireman.

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