Evils of Unauthorized Use of Fire Hydrants

Evils of Unauthorized Use of Fire Hydrants

One of the troubles of water works superintendents and fire chiefs is the unauthorized opening and use of fire hydrants by private individuals. The result is not only an unnecessary waste of the city’s water and the reduction of the fire pressure, but also there is a danger to small children from the flow and there is also the flooding of adjacent basements to be considered. In reference to the problem, the following special order has been issued by the fire department of New York City:

“The practice of opening fire hydrants and permitting them to run for hours at a time is becoming quite general all over the city. Officers and members of the uniformed force are hereby directed to request the police officer on post to summon to court any person known to have opened a fire hydrant without authority.

“Police magistrates should be apprised of the fact that this practice is dangerous, firstly, by reducing the water pressure available for fire service; secondly, that it may result in injury to small children, and thirdly, instances of damage to property and flooding of cellars will result.

“A determined effort must be made at once to stop this practice of tampering with fire hydrants.”

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