Ex-Chief Devine Dead

Ex-Chief Devine Dead

James Devine, former Chief of the Fire Department of Salt Lake City, Utah, died in that city on August 3, at the age of 82. A native of New Jersey, Mr.

Devine was active in the construction field in the East, and when he went West, played a prominent part in building work in Salt Lake City, as a mentber of the firm of Devine & Robinson.

On February 20, 1894, Mr. Devine was appointed Fire Chief of Salt Lake City, holding this post for ten years, during which time he built the department up to a very efficient organization and established a fine record, keeping the fire losses to a low level, in spite of the handicap of a small force and inadequate I water supply with which to fight fires.

In 1896. two years after his appointment as Fire Chief, he was elected president of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, by a unanimous vote.

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