Ex-Chief E. Meginnity Dead

Ex-Chief E. Meginnity Dead

Edward H. Meginnity, seventy years old, and for two years chief of the Detroit Fire Department, died in a local hospital from an acute heart attack that developed while watching a baseball game.

He was an enthusiastic baseball fan, and during his term as chief he could be found on his off-days at the local field cheering for the home team. He rarely missed a game when the “Tigers” played at home.

Chief Meginnity entered the department May 1, 1882, and in January, 1883, was promoted to pipeman of a chemical company. He was advanced to lieutenant in March, 1886. The commissioners then promoted him to captain, and after serving a down town company for several years, he was made batallion chief, November 16, 1910. In September. 1919, he was made assistant chief and when Chief Timothy E. Callahan retired August 1, 1925, Chief Meginnity was made head of the department. But he retired from the fire department two years later.

The Late Edward Meginnity

He is survived by a daughter and a son, three sisters and two brothers.

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