Ex-Chief Habersham Dead

Ex-Chief Habersham Dead

The Rev. Henry S. Habersham, Rector of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church at Monroe, Conn., known as “America’s Fire-Fighting Parson,” died on Noventber 4 at the age of 78 years. He was Chief of the Monroe Fire Department for several years and was one ot the prime movers in the organization of the Monroe volunteer fire company in 1923.

In spite of his advanced age, Rev. Habersham was Chief for six years.

The Rev. Habersham was born in Annapolis, Md. He spent his early life as a “cattle puncher” on the Western ranges. His great grandfather was Francis Scott Key, composer of the “Star Spangled Banner” and his father was an officer in the American Navy.

The Late Chief HabershamFlorence, Ala., Constructs Floodlighting Unit The Fire Department of Florence, Ala., has constructed a lighting truck which has proven of immense value in floodlighting buildings at night. The lighting system consists of two 1,000 watt stationary lights, two 500-watt, and two 300-watt portable lights, with extension cords of from two to five hundred feet. Each light is controlled by separate switches, and the motor and generator operate automatically.

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