Ex-Chief Joseph E. Ducheneau

Ex-Chief Joseph E. Ducheneau

Retired Chief Joseph E. Ducheneau, 82, of the Southbridge, Mass., Fire Department died on April 9. He had been in poor health for the past several years.

Chief Ducheneau was born and lived his entire life in the town of Southbridge. He was appointed a callman May 6, 1904, while in the employment of the American Optical Company. In 1910, he was advanced to captain. The following year he was made assistant chief; and in 1913 he was appointed chief, which position he held until he retired on pension in July of 1939, at the compulsory retirement age of 70.

Under Chief Ducheneau. permanent men were appointed to the department, all apparatus was motorized and shortly prior to his retirement, he replaced the city service ladder truck with an 85-foot aerial.

Funeral services were held on Monday April 14. Attending the services were, town officials, chiefs of the neighboring communities and a delegation from the New England Association of Fire Chiefs, of which he was a member.

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