Ex-Chief Panzer of St. Louis Dead

Ex-Chief Panzer of St. Louis Dead

William G. Panzer. Chief of the St. Louis Fire Department for many years, died at his home after a three-year fight against the ravages of cancer, at the age of sixty-nine.

He had been a policeman for six years before he joined the Fire Department i n 1893.

After eighteen months in the service he was promoted to lieutenant and five years afterwards advanced to captain.

He became District Chief in 1912, Deputy Chief in May 1917 and head of the department two months later.

In 1921, the Director of Public Safety ousted him.

Public sentiment was so strongly against this step that it was necessary to reinstate him. So he was hack at his old job after a four-day vacation. A delegation of 275 firemen marched in ranks to congratulate their old Chief.

During the next four years, Chief Panzer carried out Ins fight for motorization of the department and for two-platoon system. Then came a change of administration and the new Director of Public Safety ordered the Chief to resign. This time the order was not changed.

Chief Panzer turned in his badge and retired to Richmond Heights, where for three years he headed the department. He retired in 1928.

The Late Ex-Chief Panzer

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