Ex-Chief Purroy, New York, Dead

Ex-Chief Purroy, New York, Dead

Charles D. Purroy, one time Chief of the New York Fire Department, and an uncle of the late John Purroy Mitchel, Fusion Mayor of New York City twenty-five years ago, died at Miami, Fla., at the age of eighty-three.

He was a brother of the late Henry D. Purroy, a political power in the days of the old County Democracy, when it fought the Croker rule in Tammany Hall.

He was appointed a firemen on January 22. 1880. Purroy was advanced to Assistant Foreman in sixteen months, Foreman eighteen months later, a Battalion Chief in another eighteen months, and a Deputy Chief nine years afterward.

When Fire Commissioner Sturgis made charges against Chief Edward F. Croker, a nephew of the Tammany chieftan, and then had him dismissed, Purroy was appointed Chief. However, four months later Croker, who had won a court fight for his job, was reappointed. Chief Purroy retired as head of the department on December 1, 1903.

He left New York City to reside at Eatontown. N. J. He spent his winters in Florida.

Five years ago his sister died and he inherited a life interest in a $73,706 estate. It was provided that upon the death of Chief Purroy, the principal was to go to Columbia University for the establishment of a John Purroy Mitchel Memorial Fund to aid young men of American birth who are trying to work their way through college.

He is survived by his widow.

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