Ex-Chief Stagg of Paterson, N. J., Dies

Ex-Chief Stagg of Paterson, N. J., Dies

John Stagg, former chief of the Paterson, N. J., fire department and well known in firemanic circles, passed away Monday, January 11.

At the meeting of the New Jersey Fire Chiefs in Paterson on January 22, 1925, Chief Stagg, who was one of the founders of the association and who was its first president, was presented with a handsome cane as a token of esteem.

The Late John Stagg, Former Chief of Paterson, N. J.

Chief Stagg joined the Paterson fire department when the volunteer firemen received no compensation. He was interested in many of the movements for the betterment of the city in which he lived. The passing of Chief Stagg is particularly sad because of the death of his sister several hours previous who died from pneumonia. She had spent all her time when he was ill ministering to his wants, and this impaired her health —she was too weak to overcome the effects of her sickness.

Unusual tribute was paid to the former chief of Paterson at his funeral held Thursday, January 14. The body lay in state at the Masonic Temple where the community came to express their respects for their former chief.

At his funeral, services were held by the Masonic lodge, the G. A. R. and the Sons of Veterans. Many individuals and organizations sent floral pieces. At the grave, taps were sounded and one by one the local Civil War veterans filed past and placed a flower upon the casket. A number of retired and exempt firemen as well as all of the firemen of the off-shift were present.

The honorary pall bearers consisted of Mayor Colin M. McLean, Major Augustus Van Giesen, Thomas L. Coyle, chief of fire department; Commissioner George H. Burke, representative of the soldiers’ home; John Bimson, retired police chief, and Edmund Shore. A police escort was detailed to accompany the funeral cortege.

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