Ex-Convict Charged With Arson

Ex-Convict Charged With Arson

The fire that was started in an uncompleted apartment house at Amsterdam avenue and 183rd street, Manhattan, is attributed to the work of an ex-convict who is now being held on an arson charge. Under cross examination he admitted friendship with the organizer of the Plasterers’ Information Bureau and the United Lathing Company and that he was formerly employed on a building that was swept by fire when it was nearing completion.

The prisoner faces a homicide charge because of the death of a plasterer who was trapped and burned to death in the Amsterdam avenue fire.

He was arrested after four days of investigation by Fire Marshal Thomas Brophy.

Retired Firemen Celebrate Chicago Fire—The Retired Firemen’s Association of Chicago, Ill., celebrated the fiftyeighth anniversary of the great Chicago fire. A smoker was given to the surviving members of the fire department of 1871.

New Pension Law in Knoxville, Tenn.—One per cent is taken from the pay of firemen in Knoxville, Tenn., in accordance with the provisions of the new pension law passed by the state legislature.

Bond Issue Urged for Chicago—Commissioner Goodrich of Chicago has asked for a $6,000,000 bond issue for the construction and repair of fire stations. This matter will be voted on at the November election. The bond issue has the endorsement of Commissioner of Buildings.

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