Ex-Deputy Chief Maher, of N. Y., Dead

Ex-Deputy Chief Maher, of N. Y., Dead

Patrick Maher, for many years in charge of the Brooklyn and Queens Boroughs Divisions of the New York Fire Department, died at his home in Brooklyn from pneumonia at the age of sixty-nine. He had retired from the service on June 1.

Born in Ireland, he came to this country with his parents when he was twelve years old. He enlisted in the United States Navy as a youth. Maher joined the New York Fire Department in 1886.

In 1902 he was appointed Captain of Engine Company 201 in Brooklyn and later was made Battalion Chief. His promotion to Deputy Chief came during the administration of the late Mayor William J. Gaynor.

The Late Ex-Chief Patrick Maher This photograph was taken at the time of his promotion to Deputy Chief.

In 1915, Chief Maher received the Administration Medal offered for the best suggestion for improving the morale and efficiency of the department. He was known as one of the leading promoters of the two-platoon system.

He is survived by his widow and nine children. Two sons are members of the New York Fire Department and a third is on the list for appointment.

The 1932 Southeast Missouri Fire School will be held in Sikeston. Chief J. A. Young of Sikeston was elected President of the association.

A Magirus turntable ladder which can be extended to 150 feet, built entirely of steel, has been exhibited at the recent International Fire Apparatus Exhibition in Paris, France. It is said to be the world’s longest ladder.

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