Exhibit Committee Urges Reservations

Exhibit Committee Urges Reservations

A number of applications have been received for exhibit space at the coming convention of the International Association of Fire Chiefs to be held in Winnipeg, Canada. To make sure that none of the manufacturers has been slighted, and that the invitation to exhibit fire apparatus and equipment has been extended to every one interested, Chief Albert Herring of Murphysboro, I11., a member of the Exhibit Committee, has sent out the following letter: Gentlemen:

As a member of the Exhibit Committee for the Convention of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, I urge you to write Chairman of Exhibit Committee. Chief Chas. Alt, St. Louis, Mo., and arrange to take Exhibit Space for this coming Convention.

Chief Alt has arranged for your benefit, special train service with no additional cost for the movement of Exhibits to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Canada. With this arrangement your Exhibits will be delivered without any delay whatever. At this early date we have the assurance that all Exhibit Space will be taken and it is very important that you make your selection now of space wanted and write Chief Alt at once.

I have inclosed a letter which Chief Alt, Chairman of Exhibit, is going to mail out to all Exhibitors, along with two contracts, so it is very important that you do give this your attention at once. Some have been taken out and it is the desire of the Exhibit Committee that no one will be missed and that all will take the advantage of the splendid chance to Exhibit at what will be the largest gathering of Fire Chiefs, City Officials and all those who are Interested in Fire Prevention, Fire Control, and Fire Extinguishing, which has ever been held.

The Local Committee at Winnipeg is leaving nothing undone to make this the best convention yet. The Exhibitor will be given every attention possible to make his Exhibit and his stay in Winnipeg a most pleasant as well as profitable visit. In closing may I ask you to please give this your attention at once, as all awards for space chosen will be given as the Contracts reach Chairman Chief Alt’s Office. Make reply to Chief Chas. Alt, Chairman Exhibit Committee, St. Louis, Missouri.

Springfield, Mass., to Erect Fire Station—Bids have been invited for the construction of a fire station in Springfield, Mass. Work is expected to be started early in June.

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