Exhibits for New England Convention

Exhibits for New England Convention

Chief Daniel B. Tierney, Arlington, Mass., as Chairman of the Exhibit Committee, New England Association of Fire Chiefs, is receiving applications for exhibit space for the twelfth annual convention of the association to be held at Burlington, Vt., June 26-29. Exhibits will be arranged in the Memorial Auditorium and the meetings will be held in the same building. Space is being rented at twenty-five cents per square foot. The center is reserved for the display of small appliances, and large units will be placed near the sides of the hall.

More than four thousand square feet of exhibit space have been rented by manufacturers for the coming convention of the New England Association of Fire Chiefs. Chief Tierney reports that the following companies will have displays:

Smith-Gray Co., uniforms

Mack-Inti. Motor Truck Corp., fire apparatus

Pyrene Mfg. Co., fire protection devices

Midwestern Mfg. Co., fire fighting garments

F. W. Haines, fire hose and fire equipment

American-La France & Foamite Corp., fire protection equipment

Justin A. McCarthy Co., fire hose and fire equipment

Harry Lovell, fire hose and fire equipment

Mine Safety Appliances Co., gas masks

Gorham Fire Equipment Co., fire equipment

Burnham Laboratories, Vio Gen treatment

D. B. Smith & Co., Indian fire pumps

American Fire Equipment Co., fire equipment

Maxim Motor Co., fire apparatus

Arthur H. Blanchard Co., fire equipment

Louis Bills, fire alarm apparatus

Boston Coupling Co., nozzles and brass goods

The Texas Co., petroleum products.

McIntyre Brass Mfg. Co., sliding poles

The Gamewell Co., fire alarm apparatus

C. G. Braxmar Co., Inc., badges

Fabric Fire Hose Co., fire hose

The Homelite Corp., flood lighting

General Apparatus Corp., hose shoe

Seagrave Corp.. fire apparatus

Chas. Niedner Sons Co., Inc., linen fire hose

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