Exhibits to Feature 1955 I.A.F.C. Conference

Exhibits to Feature 1955 I.A.F.C. Conference

Chief Clyde Canning, Midvale, Utah, chairman of the Exhibit Committee of the International Association of Fire Chiefs reports that as of May 1st, 62 exhibitors have already reserved space for the Omaha Conference, September 19-22. These include:

Akron Brass Mfg. Co., Inc.

American City Magazine

American District Telegraph Co.

American Fire Apparatus Company

American-LaFrance-Foamite Corp.

American-Marsh Pumps, Inc.

Ardmore Products

John Bean Div., Food Mach. & Chem.

Bi-Lateral Fire Hose Co.

Blackhawk Mfg. Co.

Chevrolet Motor Div., G.M.C.

Circul-Air Corp.

Cornelius Company

Delco-Remy Division, G.M.C.

Dictaphone Corp.

E. I. Du Pont de Nemours & Co.

K & J Mfg. Company

Elkhart Brass Mfg. Co., Inc.

Eureka Fire Hose Div., U. S. Rubber Co.

Fabric Fire Hose Co.

Federal Sign & Signal Corp.

Fire Engineering

Four Wheel Drive Auto Co.


Gamewell Company

General Electric Co

Gerstenslager Company

Hale Fire Pump Company

Clifford B. Hannay & Sons, Inc.

Homelite Corporation

Kohler Company

Leece-Neville Company

McFadden Motor Co.

F. N. McIntire Brass Works, Inc.

Mack Manufacturing Co.

Mars Signal Light Co.

Maxim Motor Co.

Memco Aerial Ladder Co.

Metcalf Brothers & Co., Inc.

Mine Safety Appliances Co.

J. J. Monaghan Co.

Morris Paint & Varnish Co.

Motorola, Inc., Communications & Electronics Div.

Andrew Murphy & Son

Muscular Dystrophy Ass’n of America

Northwestern Telephone Co.

Notifier Manufacturing Co.

Peter Pirsch & Sons

Pitman Manufacturing Co.

Powhatan Brass Iron Works

Red Comet, Inc.

Rockwood Sprinkler Co.

Safa Alarm Div., Fyr-Fyter Co.

Scott Aviation Corporation

Seagrave Corporation

Sireno Company, Inc.

Stephenson Corporation

Super Vacuum Manufacturing Co.

Superior Coach Corp.

Washington Products Co. Div., Washington Mortuary Sply. Co.

Waterous Company

Wooster Brass Co.

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