Extrication Safety Checklist

Extrication Safety Checklist

Wood chocks should be put under the vehicle to stabilize it.

(Photos by Ronald E. Moore)

Before any work can be started to extricate a person trapped by a steering column, other basics have to be accomplished:

  • —Survey of the accident scene.
  • —Establishment of a circle of operation, kept clear of debris.
  • —Positioning of charged handlines.
  • —Stabilization of the vehicle.
  • —Survey and stabilization of the victim.
  • —Protection (blanketing and so on) of the victim.
  • —Removal of the windshield and its wipers, and other glazing as necessary.
  • —Establishment of tool site and laying out of extrication equipment ready for use.
  • —Assignment of crew members as observers to monitor safety and to communicate any irregularities during the extrication procedures.
Glass must be removed, and the victim must be covered with a protective blanket.

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