F. D. Applicants Get Agility Test

F. D. Applicants Get Agility Test

Ninety applicants for positions as Los Angeles County firemen have been given a new-type agility test at the department’s recently-completed training center in East Los Angeles.

The tests were jointly supervised by members of the Fire Department and the Civil Service Commission.

All applicants previously had passed a written examination.

Up, over, and down. Applicants for positions as Los Angeles County firemen take physical agility test at County's recently-completed training center adjacent to East Los Angeles Headquarters. Men climbed 85-foot aerial on Truck 27 and came down fire escape to see how they would react to heights. Man on short ladder at right of tower is carrying 65-pound l 1/2-inch hose bundle.

L. A. County F. D. Photo by Landrum

Truck 27 extended its 85-foot aerial and applicants had to climb to the top of the five-story drill tower and then down the fire escape.

Then they had to carry a 65-pound 1 1/2-in. hose bundle up two flights.

“These tests will enable us to obtain better qualified recruits and will result in fewer rejections during our training period,” said County Fire Chief Keith E. Klinger.

Athough the new training center has not been officially dedicated, Chief Klinger said the urgent need for 100 additional firemen will demand immediate commencement of training.

The center will be dedicated to the late County Fire Chief Cecil R. Gehr who was killed while responding to a fire two years ago.


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