F.D. Plaques for Cars

F.D. Plaques for Cars

Recently, the College Station, Tex., Fire Department issued identification plaques for the volunteers’ cars. The plaques are 6 X 6 inches and are made of cast aluminum. They are painted with a red background and the lettering is white. These plaques, affixed to the car radiator grill, allow easy identification by police and other personnel at a fireground.

The idea was brought to the College Station Fire Department by a volunteer who had been in the Edinburg, Tex., Volunteer Department where such plaques have been in use for some time. Chief Douglas Landau says these plaques save time when a fireman drives his personal car to the scene of an emergency.

“The firemen do not have to stop and go through their wallets for an I.D. card,” Landau explained.

The plaques are easily made by the sand casting method. The CSFD plaques were made by an engineering student at Texas A&M who is a College Station fireman. They were made with scrap aluminum obtained from a nearby factory. The cost was approximately one dollar each. The plaques can be made at an ornamental iron works or a metal shop for nearly the same cost.

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