Factory Fire Prevention

Factory Fire Prevention

Following are the provisions of the bill of Assemblyman Jackson, of Buffalo, before the House committee on labor and industries, amending the labor law in relation to fire prevention in factories:

Section 1. Section 83-c. of chapter 36 of the laws ot 1909. entitled “An act relating to labor, constituting chapter 31 of the consolidated laws,” as amended by chapter 329 of the laws of 1912, is hereby amended to read as follows:

Section 8M-c. Fireproof receptacles, gas jets, smoking, i. Every factory shall be provided with properly covered fireproof receptacles, the number, style and location of which shall be approved in the city of New York by the fire commissioner, and elsewhere, by the commissioner of labor. There shall be deposited in such recepticles all inflammable waste materials, cuttings and rubbish. No wast materials, cuttings or rubbish shall be permitted to accumulate on the floors of any factory but shall be removed therefrom not less than twice each day. All such waste materials, cuttings and rubbish shall be entirely removed from a factory building at least once in each day, except that baled waste material may be stored in fireproof enclosures provided that all such baled waste material shad be removed from such building at least once in each month.

2. All gas jets or lights in factories shall be properly enclosed by globes, wire cages or otherwise properly protected in a manner approved in the city of New York by the fire commissioner of such city, and elsewhere, by the commisioiter of labor.

3. No person shall smoke in any factory. A notice of such prohibition stating the penalty for violation thereof shall be posted in every entrance hall and in every elevator car. stairhall ami room on every floor of such factory in English and also in such other language or languages as the lire commissioner of the city of New York in such city; and elsewhere, the State fire marshal shall direct. The fire commissioner of the city of New York in such city, and elsewhere, the State fire marshal shall enforce the provisions of this subdivision.

Section 2. This act shalP take cffeVt immediately.

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