Fairfield Center Fire Company Rounds Out Fifty Years

Fairfield Center Fire Company Rounds Out Fifty Years

Fairfield Center Fire Company No. 1, of Fairfield. Conn., organized on September 11, 1893, will round out a half century of service to that town this year and plans are in the works for a golden jubilee celebration.

Only a handful of the original thirty charter members are still in the ranks of the Company, but their sons and grandsons today are the active firemen of the town Many of the younger members are in the armed forces and are represented by stars on the service flag displayed in a neat case on the front of the fire station on Reef Road, Fairfield center.

This fiftieth anniversary year is not the glorious one of great celebration that it would be in normal times, according to Thomas J. Carroll, Fire Chief from 1916 to 1919 and again from 1928 to the present time. The Company, however, is making plans for a dinner at which those who attain their twentyfifth year as members will be feted and at which all twenty-five-year men will be guests. The year will be marked by careful planning and co-operation to afford the town the best possible fire protection and to be ready in all emergencies, Chief Carroll stated recently.

The first officers of the Company were Otto Jacoby, Foreman; W. W. Hull and I. N. Bock, Asst. Foremen; E. W. S. Pickett, Secretary, and I. N. Gray, Treasurer. Present officers are Thomas J. Carroll, Chief; Francis Alexander, First Asst. Chief; Christian Cartensen, Second Asst. Chief; James Moran, Treasurer; John Lynch, Recording Secretary; Louis Bock, Financial Secretary, and Dr. Thomas F. Davis, Physician.

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