Fairfield “Plan” Host to Connecticut Chiefs

Fairfield “Plan” Host to Connecticut Chiefs

The importance of each Fire Department having an official photographer to take fire pictures and views that may be important in arson cases, was explained at the February meeting of the Fairfield County Fire Chiefs’ Emergency Plan held February 26 at Newtown, Conn.

Alton Hall Blackington, Boston, illustrated a number of his best photographic “shots,” obtained in twenty years of newspaper photography work, which included the biggest fires of Boston, New York and vicinity during the past few years, including the Morro Castle disaster and the million dollar forest fire of last year, which destroyed many cottages and homes on the Pacific coast. Most of the scenes, illustrated in colors on the screen, were taken by Mr. Blackington. He also explained how pictures of fires can be obtained with the new, modern film and suggested that each company appoint an official photographer to take scenes of fires which their departments attend. In arson fires these pictures will be very important for the prosecution of the defendants.

The meeting was presided over at the outset by First Vice-President Sidney Stapely, Chief of Nichols, Conn., until the arrival of Chief Frank R. Gisborne, Old Greenwich, President.

New members elected to membership include: Chief Walter L. Glover, Newtown; Commissioner August W. Kann, Nichols and William F. Schepp, clerk of the Nichols Fire District.

Addresses of welcome were given by P. H. McCarthy, President, Newtown Fire Department: Chief Walter Glover, the Newtown Company and Chief William Gower, Dodgingtown (Newtown) Company.

The meeting voted to give a loving cup to the State Convention committee this year, which will hold its annual convention in Greenwich. The vote was taken after Chief Isaac Hubbard, Greenwich, had suggested the idea and ExAssistant Chief Bernard Scully, Westport, Vice-President of the Connecticut Firemen’s Association, had seconded the resolution.

Visiting Chiefs who were heard in short talks were: Chief Lynn Deming, New Milford Fire Department; Chief John Morehouse, Brewster, N. Y., company; Chief Harry Lawton, Middletown; Chief Henry Taft, Norwich, President of the Chiefs’ Club of Connecticut; Assistant Chief Edmonds, New London and Chief Swan, Seymour. There were numerous other Chiefs from out of town attending.

Following the meeting, refreshments were served. The meeting accepted the invitation of Chief Frank R. Gisborne to hold the March meeting in Old Greenwich on March 25. The largest attendance of the year was present, 185.

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